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There are a number of surgical procedures in intimate surgery which solve functional or aesthetic problems of the female genital region. Congenital or hereditary reasons, or due to later acquired problems, are some of the reasons why the vagina may have an aspect which the woman is not comfortable with and that can be palliated with some techniques of intimate surgery.

Throughout the development of a woman or with the passage of time, in some cases we can see certain asymmetries or unnatural growth of the labia (vaginal lips), causing aesthetic or even functional problems that make difficult some facets of everyday life. Intimate surgery, solves these problems in the female genital area with a hundred percent satisfactory results.

You will get a natural and scar-free result with simple intimate procedures such as labioplasty for reconstruction of the labia minora, vaginal rejuvenation or hymen reconstruction, achieving a satisfactory result and with a functionality and aspect which will make you feel at ease with your genital area.