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At Santana y Navarro we have the latest body surgery treatments that are carried out using the state-of-the-art technology of cosmetic surgery to help our patients achieving a beautiful and toned body.

Body surgery interventions help you getting the figure you want by reducing imperfections and getting a natural and satisfying result. Below you will find all the body surgery interventions we performed at Plastic Surgery.

Complementary Services


390€ 250€

Improves the quality of your skin.

The treatment consists in:

Step 1: Skin preparation

Step 2: PRP (platelet rich plasma) + Vitamins

Step 3: Facial massage


3 sessions are recommended


590 390

Radiant skin with better texture, elasticity and colour.

It can be applied to face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Achieve a hydrated, soft skin without fine wrinkles.

Improves texture, elasticity and colour

In just one session