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Mesotherapy is a cosmetic medicine treatment, which consists of injecting small amounts of substances containing medicines or vitamins into the desired area in order to eliminate localized fat. Mesotherapy can be applied in both facial and body areas. The most common areas where this treatment is usually applied are the face, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Mesotherapy is a simple non-surgical treatment of an immediate recovery, which will allow you to look great plus having an enviable complexion thanks to its multiple benefits. Loss of face luminosity, dehydrated skin, lack of elasticity, cellulite, wrinkling, sagging etc., are some of the symptoms that you can solve with mesotherapy.

Do you know our Mesotherapy?

Facial mesotherapy is a facial rejuvenation procedure in which certain drugs are infiltrated providing a beneficial effect to our faces. Facial mesotherapy improves the look and quality of the skin, the attenuation of wrinkles, a discrete lifting or stretching effect and the improvement of the elasticity, hydration and nutrition of the skin.

It is indicated for men and women over 30 years of age with signs of facial aging, flaccidity, lack of luminosity, dehydration. In younger skins it is indicated for the prevention of the skin aging.

What products do we use for facial mesotherapy?

We work with Revitacare, Cytocare and NCTF products, which include vitamins, antioxidants, silicon, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, nutrients and minerals.

Should I have any personal care after treatment?

During the first 24 hours the sauna should be avoided and the use of sunscreens with a factor of more than 20 during the next 2 weeks is also recommended.

What are the side effects of this treatment?

It is possible to feel a normal discomfort after facial mesotherapy at the injection sites, itching sensation, redness, edema as well as the appearance of some small hematoma.

Is it possible to combine facial mesotherapy with other treatments?

Of course, the combinations of mesotherapy with other facial procedures such as peeling, volumizing with facial fillers or botulinum toxin potentiate its effects. The combination of these four facial treatments is part of the facial maintenance program called facial mesoplasty.


  • Indications: Facial aging.
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Recovery: Immediate

The body mesotherapy  is a painless technique allowing stimulating the patient’s metabolism in order to reduce localized fat in different areas, thus reducing the amount of cellulite effectively.

It is a treatment to shape the figure and its never recommended as a treatment to fight obesity. It can be administered in almost any part of the body, but the most frequent areas are glutes, thighs and abdomen.

The treatment consists of the application of homoeopathic substances responsible for dissolving the fat, injected in the specific area where you want the fat to be reduced. During the treatment it is recommended to carry out a balanced diet.

After 3 or 4 sessions following a mesotherapy, we begin to the noticed the results in terms of reduction of cellulite, improvement of toning and volume of the treated area and fluid retention.