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In our clinic we have one of the most innovative and effective laser equipment for the elimination of skin blemishes of all kinds, from the most frequent on face, hands or cleavage caused by exposure to the sun or age to the most complicated to eliminate, Such as melasmas, coffee-with-milk spots and tattoos of all kinds.

With this laser we can eliminate excess pigment or ink without damaging the skin or altering its appearance or colour. In the case of stains, the characteristics of the treatment depends on the skin type, colour and characteristics of each patient and will be individualized by the physician; the treatment is not painful and does not require application of anaesthesia or cold, and the complete elimination usually only requires  two or three sessions of between 15 and 30 minutes. When it comes to eliminating a tattoo, it is very important to take into account the type, colours, when it was done, the area and depth of it, it is almost always necessary to apply anaesthetic creams prior to the session, and number of sessions in great measure depends on each tattoo, usually it takes between 7 to 10 sessions during 6 separate weeks for the total removal of the tattoo.

Pre-treatment recommendations

  • Do not sunbathe or expose to UVA rays during the month prior to the session.
  • Do not use makeup or cosmetics on the skin in the days prior to the session so the spots that we want to treat will be fully visible.

Post-treatment Recommendations

  • It is normal to experience a sensation of heat or swelling in the treated area that disappears in hours, as well as the appearance of a slight scab that disappears within 10 days leaving a rosy appearance that will match the surrounding skin tone.
  • After the treatment, an antibiotic ointment should be applied to prevent infections, especially in the case of tattoos.
  • It is necessary to apply total sun protection until getting the normal skin tone.
  • Avoid exposure to saunas, swimming pools, hot water baths, stoves, etc.