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By its continuous use, hands and feet are the most damaged parts of our body. Carrying out hand and foot beauty treatments on a periodic basis is certainly crucial in order to maintain a good look and functionality. Natural aging, wear and tear on daily routines and external environmental factors are some of the reasons that can cause health problems and nasty appearance on your feet and hands.

On the other hand, hereditary factors, diseases or disorders can give an unwanted appearance to your feet and hands. In these cases the deterioration is inevitable, but it is possible to alleviate some of its effect or delay its progress through some beauty treatments of hands and feet.

Get incredible results with the advanced hand and foot beauty treatments that we offer you in Plastic Surgery, applied by our qualified team of professionals, through a personalized treatment to meet your needs.

Do you know our Beauty of Hands and Feet?

Hands and feet are some of the parts of the body who suffer the most due to the external factors like heat and cold, leading in many occasions to dryness, sweating and wrinkles.

The use of paraffin favours the reduction of these symptoms leaving the skin soft, smooth and hydrated, as well as a healthier look on hands and feet.