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The passage of time, the weather conditions and a multitude of external factors can make your face show signs of tiredness and wear which can make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance. In Plastic Surgery we offer you a wide range of facial treatments and products to return the smoothness and luminosity to your facial expression, applying the latest advances in the cosmetic and beauty sector.

Get a young and cared face with the facial treatments that our team of professionals at Plastic Surgery perform, so you can always look special and unique.

Do you know our Beauty and Facial Treatments?

The facial peeling is an effective method allowing you to show a more rejuvenated skin by removing stains and wrinkles. It can be used as a treatment against acne or to improve damage, marks or cutaneous scars.

The facial peeling, consists of eliminating the most superficial layers of the skin, thus provoking its regeneration and obtaining a rejuvenated result by eliminating marks, acne, spots caused by the sun etc.

Get a perfect skin by exfoliating your skin with facial peeling treatment. Smoothness and softness plus an incomparable luminosity making you feel younger and at ease with your appearance.


In Plastic Surgery, we offer you facial hygiene services with steam and paraffin treatments so that you can recover your youthful-looking complexion through the cleaning of toxins accumulated in the skin and a proper hydration.

Facial hygiene is indicated for all skin types and the treatment provides a dose of luminosity in the skin in addition to a deep facial hygiene resulting in a revitalized skin. The duration is approximately 2 hours.

Post-surgery facial lymphatic drainage

Post-surgery facial lymphatic drainage is indicated as a complementary treatment during the post-surgery procedures of the face and neck.

Post-surgery facial lymphatic drainage activates and improves lymphatic circulation, favors the elimination of waste substances, eliminates excess accumulated fluids in the face and neck, accelerates recovery, promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system, reduces edema and inflammation.

Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C brings to your skin the improvement you need against the signs of aging and re-establishes the balance of the skin. It is antioxidant, regenerative and with high moisturizing power. It is suitable for all types of skins.


Oxygenating Treatment

The oxygenating treatment is indicated in asphyxiated skins, greenish-yellow or with obstructed pores. The sun, the wind or the pollution caused by makeup hurt the skin, filling it with toxins and impurities. The oxygenating treatment provides energy to the cells of our skin and provides a fundamental and essential regenerative value to combat external aggressions.

Moisturizing Treatment

There are many external factors hurting our skin, such as sun, wind, pollution or makeup residue, so a correct skin hydration is essential

The Plastic Surgery moisturizing treatment provides the care you need to achieve a younger and more caring skin through good hydration, thus maintaining good skin health.

Nu Skin Treatment

The Nu Skin treatment allows you through galvanic current to maintain young skin for longer acting on the symptoms of aging skin.

Galvanic current is a pleasant and relaxing method involving application of a direct current flow used to increase the absorption of antiaging ingredients for up to 24 hours. Instantly transforms tired and battered skin into fresh, hydrated, smooth and clean skin.

Regenerating Anti-Aging

The anti-aging treatment is indicated for all types of skins and more specifically for mature skins, devitalized, with signs of aging and flaccidity hurt by the passage of time. Our method brings a dose of lightness and smoothness to your face reducing the effects of age on your skin.

The eyebrows represent a very important part of our face, bringing character and expressiveness. Thickness, length and shape are some of the aspects that we must take into account when carrying out the design of eyebrows in a tailored way.

In Plastic Surgery, we make a study of your face to be able to make an eyebrow design suiting your needs; therefore in this way you can show perfect eyebrows.

Eyelash Extensions

The application of eyelashes extensions in Plastic Surgery, will allow you to have longer lashes according to your taste and needs so that you can have the look you always dreamed of.

Tinting and Curving Eyelashes

Improve the curvature of your eyelashes and always show them off as if they were freshly painted with the treatment of dye and curving eyelashes we offer in Plastic Surgery. Give color and luminosity to your eyes and enhance your gaze with dreamy eyelashes.