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The team of plastic surgeons of Plastic Surgery Medimar arises from the association and professional synergy of Dr. María José Santana and Dr. Leopoldo Navarro Sempere, both Plastic Surgeons with more than 11 years of experience, creating a medical team formed exclusively by health professionals, without mediators or other directors or managers, to offer the best possible service.

We are independent professionals and involved with our profession, and it is precisely our experience and reputation that endorses and guarantees the procedure and the result, which accompanies and inevitably compromises with the patient, to find out the most reliable, safe and responsible solution, always from a sincere perspective, away from any commercial objective, with all the affection, tenacity and dedication that every patient deserves.

In the pursuit of excellence, we are aware that in addition to the technical demands that we have as plastic surgeons; we focus with great motivation on the exquisite treatment of the patient, as well as the sincerity in our therapeutic approach, addressed with absolute frankness.
It is our goal that the patient feels listened and understood that we set logical, reliable and reproducible expectations, adjusted to the reality of each patient, so that the obtained benefit is the closest to the expected benefit.
We take a big step forward, settling in the most prestigious private hospital in Alicante and an international reference to exercise the private practice; the Vithas Medimar International Hospital, a place that concentrates a large number of renowned specialists and where excellence is achieved in all medical-surgical fields.

Our Staff

Ana Alonso Aesthetic doctor

Inma Algarra Physiotherapist

Esther Rocamora Patient Care

Miriam Otón Jover Assistant

Calos Pasquale

Carlos de Pasquale Phlebologist