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In Santana y Navarro, we have a wide range of body treatments carried out by a trained group of professionals who will help you to achieve a firm silhouette. With the application of the most innovative techniques in body treatments, we get satisfactory results in order to make our patients feel comfortable with their new image.

With the benefits of body treatments offered by Plastic Surgery, you get a toning and firm silhouette adapted to your shape and get rid of cellulite and fat stored in unwanted places.

Get the body you wish with  treatments like pressure therapy or lymphatic drainage, which allow you to eliminate localized fat in unwanted areas to get the body toning you need.


Do you know our Body Treatments?

This treatment allows the shaping and the reduction of those areas that you want to improve by reaffirming tissues which have lost volume in order to recover elasticity and firmness.

Effective against orange-peel skin the anticelulitic treatments at Plastic Surgery will help you to achieve a toned and harmonious shape.

This treatment consists of adding pressure to specific areas where fat is stored such as buttocks and thighs improving the performance of the lymphatic system.

It’s an optimal technique which aids the elimination of cellulite improving tone and firmness. It is also relaxing, reduces inflammation and it helps on the healing of venous conditions.

Postoperative Lymphatic Drainage treatment is a complimentary method use after any surgical intervention such as liposuction. It’s a very useful technique which aids the recovering of the patient reducing possible edemas and swelling, and also helps to achieve better results after a surgery.